Speedrun Through Your Favorite Sci-Fi Movies


If you love science, you probably also love science fiction (sci-fi) movies.  Sometimes you just don't have the time to watch the entire movie, but you need a quick fix. I found a great YouTube user account - 1A4Studio - who does beautiful hand drawn versions of sci-fi flicks that are only one minute long. They are very well done and hilarious - you'll definitely see your favorite scenes!  

40 seconds into Star Wars A New Hope is a marvelous reenactment of the Obi Wan - Darth Vader fight. 26 seconds into the Matrix you see Morpheus doing the STOP TRYING TO HIT ME AND HIT ME stance during the dojo fight. 40 seconds into Back to The Future shows George McFly knocking the stuffing out of Biff with a well-timed Mortal Kombat uppercut.

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Shampoo Physics

iO9, via Nature, has a great article about the physics of shampoo. - why do little drops of shampoo sometimes jump out while you're pouring it onto an angled surface? Sometimes it looks like grease popping off of a hot pan!

When you pour a liquid such as shampoo onto an angle surface, at first the liquid piles up a bit at the bottom of the surface, effectively lubricating that surface.. When new liquid is applied on this lubricated surface, it goes very, very fast and will bounce upwards if it hits a dent or smashes into the end of the surface.  The momentum that the liquid builds up is enough to escape the surface!

For the details, check out the iO9 article by clicking here!

Waste in Space is a Waste of Space

There are a lot of hard calculations, math, and science involved in trying to get men to the moon.  Believe or not, one critical concern is - how the hell will astronauts use the bathroom? There's a contraption that allows urine to be ejected out of a small hole on the spacecraft, but even that requires additional calculations. Within the vacuum of space there is very little matter, so even a small amount of force exerted by ... liquid ... exiting a spacecraft can shift its spacecraft

For more info, check the video below by MinutePhysics. If you can't see it, click here.

Space: The Final Frontier of Laughter

Even science geeks deserve some laughs near the end of the year. Check out this gag reel from the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I picked this up while browsing Jon Wiley's stream on Google+.

One of my favorite parts comes at the 6 minute mark, where two characters Worf and Rikers just can't keep a straight face and the video crew is clearly frustrated. Makes me wonder how long it took to record an entire show.

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