My son has really loved working with you. Your personality was absolutely the right fit for my son!
— Miriam, who needed Calculus tutoring for her son
A family member in high school was struggling with some new math concepts and Shareef appeared in our world! He is not only deeply knowledgeable about his subjects (as one would expect); he is patient, imaginative, and logistically flexible. Due to geography, most of the tutoring sessions were web-based. Sometimes they were at strange hours of the day. He was generous of his time and intellect and the shaky concepts were grasped, confidence was restored and work was plowed through and accomplished — all thanks to Shareef. 

I look forward to engaging him again even if no struggle is happening. If everything is going well, I know he can provide additional challenges and deeper understanding of topics beyond the curriculum.
— Sarah, who needed Algebra help for her son
Shareef Jackson is an amazing tutor! Let me back up…. my son had a less than desirable first crack at the ACT. We knew he could do better but that working on his own would prove pointless. I wanted a one on one tutoring situation with someone who could see the holes, direct the learning and provide ongoing support. Shareef fit the bill beyond my expectations. He easily connects with students (my son is 17), is professional on all accounts (scheduling, shows up on time, has a learning plan for the day and beyond, clearly explains expectations to my son, and follows up each session with a brief overview of what they did and what’s coming up) and is a pleasure to know. DO NOT hesitate if you need ACT support (or anything else I imagine). You will not be disappointed.
— Jackie, who needed ACT help for her son