Tech at Work: Cubicle Wars

I've recently had the pleasure of losing my office and being placed in a cube as part of an "open office" initiative. Surprisingly, I love my new area. I'm near a window with plenty of natural light, and I've already met more people from just walking around since I don't have the option to squirrel away in an office. Still, I've had to adapt my technology to fit this new open environment. A few examples are below:

1) Headset:
I take a large amount of conference calls, and nothing is worse than twisting your neck and tiring out your arm by holding up a phone for several hours. In my office, I used speakerphone often. I accomplish the same with a headset - I can go handsfree during a call and easily drive a presentation or look up any key info during a call. Of course, I look like an absolute dork with a headset on - but it's better than leaving work with a stiff neck!

2) Privacy Screen:
Even though I sit in a corner near a window, people still walk past. Usually they are trying to find someone's office and get lost, or they're just stopping by to comment on how stupid I look with my headset on. Either way, I need to hide my screen from others, especially when I'm working on something confidential. I didn't have to worry about this with an office at all, although I do have a separate privacy screen for traveling, I'm sure you've noticed some businessperson working on sides in an airplane, for all to see.

3) Earbuds:
There's nothing during a hard day like closing your office door and throwing some music on. Now that I'm a cube dweller, earbuds are a must to regain my sanity. The key is to have one bud in the ear that's farthest from the cube opening that people walk by. I also keep the volume very low so that colleagues don't have to "Anyone? Bueller?" me to get my attention.

I'm sure there are more tech adaptations that I'll have to make as time goes on, I'm still new to this world!