NASA Tweetup: What I've Learned #1


So, it's been a little over a week since I found out that NASA selected me and 149 other NASA Twitter followers to live tweet the shuttle Endeavour launch on April 19th.  Aside from the sheer awesomeness of witnessing history, one of the best parts is interacting with the other winners via twitter. You can check out details on this fantastic group of people at this website, or join in on the real madness and follow this list on Twitter.

I'd lke to chronicle a bit of the journey in a new series of posts. Here are some of the fellow tweeps:

  • Jumped on a webmeeting with Karen Lopez (@datachick) and we talked about social media, NASA, telecoms, and other data nerdy issues
  • Met a ton of other New Yorkers, including Shelley Bernstein (@shell7), the Chief of Technology at the Brooklyn Muesum.  I lived near this museum and spent plenty of time there during my mid 20s.
  • Picked up a great iOS app called DropVox (syncs voice memos to DropBox) thanks to Linda Seid Frembes (@AVWriter)
  • Got my gadget talk on with Dave Schumaker (@rockbandit), the community manager for gdgt, an awesome site that I was a member of before I even heard of NASA Tweetup.
  • Watched in awe as HuffPo writer Mike Yarbrough (@mikeyarbrough) organized housing for a billion people.
  • Found out that a few celebrities will be joining us - mainly Jordi and Scott Evil.

Good stuff so far - interacting with great people is definitely helping to bide the time before the launch!