Netflix: It's $6, people

I can spend hours on Netflix streaming

Netflix is currently $10 for unlimited streaming of its video library along with one DVD at a time.  However, this price will be increasing in a few months. Starting in September, Netflix will cost $16 for unlimited streaming video along with one DVD at a time.

I don't mind paying an extra $6 a month for a great service that provides what I want. Between Netflix for old TV / movies and iTunes for paying per episode for recent shows, my TV watching habits are satisfied.

Many of the arguments against the change are on a principle level - the fact that allowing a company to boost their prices by 60% is a slippery slope that will give other companies the leeway to raise their prices.  The truth is, Netflix put itself in this position with a low, almost impulse-buy price that I'm sure it realized was not sustainable in the long term. $16 a month is still a bargain, especially considering the amount of server space that Netflix uses to provide streaming content, and the resources required for its DVD service.

I'm sure Netflix will come out of this unharmed, despite the noisy echo chamber currently going on at a lot of the major tech sites.