Spaaaaace: NASA Landstat 40th Anniversary Celebration

Haiti Earthquake 2010, via NASA


I'm proud to announce that on July 23rd, I'll be attending the 40th anniversary celebration of the NASA Landstat program! This event will be held at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in downtown Washington, DC.

 The Landstat program is responsible for mapping the Earth's surface from space. This helps present a definitive view of the state of the world's assets, such as our forests and water. In addition, it's used to monitor events such as the image of the 2010 Haiti earthquake embedded at the top of this post. From the site:

Landsat satellites have taken specialized digital photographs of Earth’s continents and surrounding coastal regions for over three decades, enabling people to study many aspects of our planet and to evaluate the dynamic changes caused by both natural processes and human practices.

During my visit I'll be able to view the latest Landsat science and images, tour the Goddard center, make my own Landsat images, speak with Landsat mission scientists and engineers, and interact with other participants and NASA's social media team

I'll be participating through the same NASA Social program (formerly NASA Tweetup) that enabled me to view the last Space Shuttle launch in person last year.  For my coverage on that historic event, see my posts here, here, and here.

I'll be tweeting from @ShareefJackson using the hashtag #NASASocial - be sure to follow me!