Tech Videos: Mister Rogers & Dr. Tyson

Science is about being amazed and in wonder at the world around you. All of the technical stuff that people usually associate with science takes a back seat to sitting back and saying "Wow, the world is cool!" It doesn't matter if you're an astrophysicist or everyone's favorite neighbor - anyone can represent the qualities behind scientific thought. The two videos included are an excellent example of this.



The above video by Brandon Fibbs features a speech from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.  He spoke to congress about space exploration and its importance for America to be successful. Fibbs does an excellent job creating the visuals to correlate with Tyson's examples of the Civil Rights movement, the Apollo Moon missions, and even Occupy Wall St. As a plus, it uses music from Mass Effect 3, a great video game that involves the consequences the humanity interacting with other worlds and species.

Now, onto Mister Rogers and the "Garden of the Mind" remix video ...




 Doesn't that video capture what we all want to be, and what we want for future generations. It's all about having ideas and believing in yourself enough to push them through. Simply amazing!