#ScienceLooksGood: Don Petit Returns To Earth

Since the Shuttle program was disbanded last year, the US relies on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft for travel between Earth and the International Space Station (ISS). This weekend, the Soyuz returned to earth, carrying aboard Astronaut Don Petit.

Don is very active on networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. His Smithsonian Air and Space blog "Letters To Earth" covers more detailed thoughts on the experiments that he performs at the station. Check out the following excerpt from his most recent post:

On Earth, the frontiers opened slowly. The technology of sailing was known and advanced for over a thousand years before the Earth was circumnavigated. Such bold acts require the technology, the will, and the audacity to explore. Sometimes you have one, but not the others.

I only hope that my small efforts here, perhaps adding one grain of sand to the beach of knowledge, will help enable a generation of people in the future to call space “home.”

Well said, Don. I hope that I can someday have the impact of a hero like Don.