I Love The Internet, But ...

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Mashable is reporting that the United Nations Human Right council has declared the internet a human right. From the article:

The resolution says that all people should be allowed to connect to and express themselves freely on the Internet. All 47 members of the Human Rights Council, including notoriously censorship-prone countries such as China and Cuba, signed the resolution.

The internet has changed the world as I wrote about earlier, but I wouldn't equate it to a human right. These rights tend to be intangibles such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I view the internet as a utility, like electricity, gas, and water - very important things that a civilized society needs, but not a right.

If the internet stopped operating tomorrow, I'd have a tough time.  But I could also live like - oh, I don't know, how I did the first 14 years of my life before I discovered the web in high school.  I can still read, play video games, program, and enjoy life. I couldn't say that if I lost access to freedom.