Science Videos Cure the Football Hangover

Never fails.

Never fails.

The Superbowl was awesome! One of the best that I've seen in years! Even though I wanted the Seahawks to win, it was a great game all the way up until the final seconds.

1) Woodpeckers and footballs

Ainissa Ramirez wrote an awesome article titled "Using Football Science to Tackle STEM education. My favorite part is the video below that talks about how woodpeckers avoid concussions - it's all in the small brain that "fits snugly inside their skulls"!

2) Bill Nye being awesome

Bill Nye takes on the air pressure inside of footballs - and climate change -  on this Funny or Die vid.

Too bad his "Go Seahawks" line didn't prove to be true :(

3) Weird Science 2

Also, can't leave without one of my favorites from Funny or Die ... Weird Science 2