The Ultimate Science Fair? Google Me Baby

Google is holding its annual Science Fair, and we're all expecting to see submissions from the best and brightest. To support the contest, Google has released an amazing Science Pack that does an excellent job at explaining how you form a question and use the scientific method to test it. Check out a sample below:

A good scientific question is testable. That means you can conduct an experiment to answer it.
Avoid questions that are simply a matter of opinion. Don't pose a question whose answer can be found online or in a reference book.
Your question should be absolutely clear. The results of your experiment should answer your initial question.

These three points apply to many things outside of science. Our lives involve questions that benefit from having a structured approach to answer them. We're always "performing experiments" whether we are aware of it or not.

The best part of this fair? It's open to kids from 13-18, which is a great age to focus on.  Focusing on a younger age could possibly mean less complex projects, and an older age would invite bitter cynical folks like me to participate.  Yes, I would totally do it. In fact, that's the worst part of this, that I can't win ... I want to win!!!