iPhone 4S Quick Review - Camera, Notifications, iCloud, Siri

Taken with iPhone 4S in Clark Park, West Philly


After waiting at UPS on a long enough line that it may as well have been an Apple store, I finally have my iPhone 4S.  The picture above shows that the camera is a very impressive point-and-shoot.



Below, I give a quick review of the new notification screen, iCloud backup, and Siri voice recognition. If you can't see the video, click here.




I also tried out the video camera at the park. The iPhone 4S camera does a much better job at eliminating the jerkiness of filming a scene with your hand.  With the iPhone 4 and previous phones, videos come out pretty shaky unless your phone is mounted on a tripod.  Because I uploaded the video on my 3G connection, it's only in standard definition.  Check out the video below:




As cool as the 4S is, I still don't recommend iPhone 4 owners pay for the upgrade.  Now, if you can get it for free as I described in a previous post, I say go for it!