Tech Thoughts From the iPad 2 Launch Line

Yeah, I'm one of those crazy folk that waits on line for Apple products.  Aside from meeting similarly obsessed nerds, it also gives me a chance to actually churn out a post that I've been trying to do for a couple of days.  So here we go ...

I have a funny relationship with AOL.  I used the free CDs during my summers home from college to access the wonders of the web through my 28.8k modem, even though I had to brave the customer reps crying when I canceled at the end of the summer.  I no longer use AOL as a web portal, and I shuddered when they merged with Time Warner.  Currently, I respect AOL because they have invested money in some of my favorite sites such as Engadget and Techcrunch (though I don't think the Huffington Post acquisition was the best).  So I have a soft spot for my old buddies at AOL.

It saddens me that AOL has cut 20% of their work force.  I'm assuming that this is the best business decision, and it will make AOl leaner and meaner, but that is a lot of people being dumped into a still recovering economy.  Hopefully these people don't spend too long on the market, because this also has another affect: people that are just joining the workforce and attempting to jumpstart their careers will have no chance competing against a huge influx of ex-AOL employees.

I'm a Jersey boy, and they never fail to disappoint: they almost sold computers containing sensitive data.  According to Gizmodo, "Files on abused children, people's tax returns, computer passwords, names, addresses, birth dates and other information on hundreds of foster children and abused children and Social Security numbers all would've went public".  I really, really, really wish state governments will start hiring qualified people to make tech decisions.  Qualified people that know the internet isn't a series of tubes would ensure that mistakes like this are minimized.

Ok, time to finish my Italian BMT and continue chatting with the geeks.  Two more hours!