iPad Dos Equis: Stay Thirsty My Friends


Apple's event today was everything I wanted it to be. I didn't even have to furiously hit refresh on several liveblogs, because TWiT had a livestream where they read the updates from several sites. That makes it much easier to actually get work done during a Stevenote.

Apple is taking an aggressive stance with other tablet makers. They took a $500 tablet and made it thinner, lighter, bumped up the CPU to dual core, added cameras, and yet kept the price at $500.

Price drives sales in this space. No matter how much the Android and Windows tablet manufacturers will try to outspec the iPad, they will not achieve success outside of the geeks. If the $800 Motorola Xoom is a sign of things to come, Apple will lose some share but maintain a significant lead in the tablet market.

I'm glad Apple deny waste resources on a Retina display, which would have driven the price up. The screen is already beautiful, and I rarely use the device in direct sunlight so glare is not a dealbreaker for me.

The new tablet versions of GarageBand and iMovie are amazing. I only hope that they are not "optimized" for the iPad 2, and run sluggish for those that choose to keep their original iPad.

The iPad 2 is a must get, especially considering that the current iPad still has retained a good amount of resale value. I just Gazelled mine for 70% of its value (before they decreased the trade-in value), so I don't have to come out of pocket much on March 11th.  Before Gazelle, I tried Craigslist. The blessed Henry Artkins quickly reminded me why I don't sell on there anymore:

"Thanks for getting back to me, i want to buy your (iPad) for my sons Birthday he is in West Africa where he works with Shell oil Company, I will be paying you through PayPal, these secures and protects two parties in a transaction... I will like you to send me your PayPal invoice or your PayPal identification email for payment... I will provide you my sons shipping information for shipment as soon as the payment is sent. I will be paying you the sum of ($780 USD) for the cost and shipping, Shipping will be through USPS Express mail. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Remain Blessed,

Mr. Henry Artkins"