Tech Overload: Who Really Cares?

There's been a lot of news recently about the mythical white iPhone 4 being released. It's almost a year late, and the iPhone has sold gangbusters while being available only in black. So why all the hubbub?

Who really cares?

Is it just the tech journalists, who need things to write about?

Is it Apple, who is dealing with the embarrassment of failing to deliver on a promise of the white model?

Is it the component manufacturers, who were allegedly the cause of the White iPhone delay?

Wo really cares?

It sure isn't the average person, who wants a quality product and won't get caught up in the color. People bought purple Gamecubes and they bought black iPhones. To the tune of 3 million.

Who really cares? When the white iPhone drops, the tech blogs will make a big deal out of it but I doubt many other people will