Most of You Shouldn't Worry About the New iPad

I've advised several people not to upgrade to the new iPad. Meanwhile, I'm anticipating my preorder to come in tomorrow.  How do I reconcile this? It's pretty simple - you shouldn't upgrade unless you are a hardcore early adopter.  Same goes for almost any Apple product.

My iPad 2 is a great device. I can do everything that I need with it. There is nothing in the new iPad that gives me any brand new functionality that changes the game. But I still put my iPad 2 up for sale, and I am eagerly anticipating tomorrow.

So what's so different about the new iPad that I've decided to upgrade? Things are better. Better display. Better network connectivity. Better voice input. Those three things alone appeal to me, a person that pushes the edge when it comes to technology. I do way more intensive gaming on the iPad than the average person (I can't see casual games benefiting from a retina display), and I have an hour long train ride to work where a 4G signal would be magic. I know I'm an outlier.

I'll shoot a short review video when I get my hands on it and put it through its paces. See y'all tomorrow!