#1ReasonWhy: Women in the Gaming Industry

I've posted in the past about gender diversity in the sciences. There have been gaffes, such as the EU attempt to get women more involved in science by making it "sexy". But there has been plenty of positivity out there too - women like Adria Richards, Clara Ma, Andrea Deveaux, Sally Ride, and the ladies of Nerdgasm Noire Network.

Iit disgusts me to read stories that women in the gaming industry are sharing via the #1ReasonWhy hash tag on twitter. Women are not being valued for their contributions to the gaming community and it had to stop if we ever want to be the true center of innovation and excellence that we claim to be.

When women are being asked about husbands and body parts more than there science and tech skills, is there a question why less women wan to enter these industries?

The more women we have making games, the more games we will have that accurately represent the full human condition. Lets face it - a male dominate industry is not good for any of us, especially given the purchasing power if women in our economy.

Discrimination within the science and tech industries only harms us all. Lets put a stop to it.