Windows 8

Windows 8 Navigation Tips

Have you received a new computer for the holidays? You'll probably be surprised that Windows 8 looks completely different from what you may used to.  Here are a few shortcut commands that have helped me out - if you don't see the video above, click here.

The most helpful tip is that to search, all you need to do is begin typing! As you can see in the above video, you can find the Control Panel by just typing "Control Panel".  Even before you spell it out fully, you'll begin to see results. These results are separated by Apps, Settings, and Files. You can use this searching methodology to find anything that you're used to seeing, from setting your resolution to launching the Notepad

If you want to go back to the Windows experience that you're most familiar with, hold the Windows button and press D to enter Desktop view.  Here you'll be able to access My Computer, the task bar  and other familiar areas of Windows 7. To get back to the Windows 8 tiled view, simply press the Windows button.

One last thing: Microsoft has not made it clear how to actually shut down your computer! The easiest way is to press Control + Alt + Delete, and then select the power button in the lower right corner.

I think Windows 8 is a great operating system, but it takes some getting used to.  Hope you have a great time!

New Tech: Windows 8 vs iPad 2

I've been fascinated with the Windows 8 Developer build, especially the quick boot time.  One of the key benefits of the ever-more-powerful smartphone and tablet market is that they are easy to boot up and get into.  Desktops have never had this luxury, especially with traditional hard drives. As I showed in the video on my last post, the Windows 8 boot time is impressive. Are we finally at a point where a desktop OS can boot up comparably with a tablet? 

In today's video, I put Windows 8 on a desktop to the test against an iPad 2.  I start them both at the same time and see which one gets to the password screen the fastest. I use the password screen because both start pretty much instantaneously after a password is entered.


Windows 8 boot time - 28 seconds

iPad 2 boot time - 35 seconds